DEI scoring Model

Having worked with DEI extensively over the past many years, we have identified key areas to get 360 degrees around the DEI agenda. By recognizing patterns and similarities in the structures and challenges organizations face, we have developed a scoring model that helps quantify challenges and efforts and put them into a contextual perspective.

The model is intended to give a fast indication of the maturity level in 7 different areas. It also serves as a method for capturing comparable data over time. It has proven to be very useful in prioritizing DEI efforts and validating results against organizational goals.

The 7 parameters of ProMinds DEI-scoring model:

A. Business caseHelp organizations provide an evidence-based rationale for doing DEI, build mindsets and help them in setting agendas for DEI.
B. DiagnosticsAnalyze key DEI global trends, match them with DEI profiles in organizations, map organizational demographics and especially measure discrepancies in gender, compensation, performance, promotions etc. Help organizations set inclusive Culture Metrics and work-life balance measurements.
C. Tools and trainingHelp design training tools and tools to assess Employee Satisfaction surveys (ESS), Employee Engagement Surveys (EES), Gender Equality Index, and ESG Reporting.

Assist in training of employees and leaders in areas including: – Inclusive leadership, Unconscious Bias, Bias mitigation, Micro-aggressions, Intersectionality, DEI contextualization and Cultural intelligence.
D. Recruitment & career progressionAssist HR and Hiring managers in developing and running global talent pools, recruitment and thriving talent schemes.
E. Strategy & policy developmentHelp organizations align DEI with organizational goals and set targets and commitments, create DEI roadmaps and DEI success metrics.
F. Compliance, monitoring & evaluationEnable organizations to identify and close Intent-Action Gaps and help them set up a complaint system, track DEI progress, monitor and report DEI success.
G. DEI culture & dialoguesHelp facilitate dialogues that leverage safe spaces, inclusive communication, enable buy -ins (Leadership & employee) and defuse Unconscious Bias.

Enable DEI organizational culture through forging Employee Engagement & Experience Schemes, Employee Resource Groups (ERG), Allyship, Mentorship & Sponsorship programs.

…and the scoring maturity levels

Level 1Curiosity – interested in finding out more about DEI and how it impacts
Level 2Exploration – some actions taken, but moderate and inconsistent results
Level 3Commitment – structured and aligned actions taken. Growth is visible.
Level 4Culture – truly embedded in the DNA of the organization. Effortless.