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ProMinds A/S anbefaler, at man tæller function point i henhold til FiSMA 1.1 reglerne.

De er præcist defineret i ISO/IEC 29881:2010: Information technology — Systems and software engineering — FiSMA 1.1 functional size measurement method



ISO/IEC 29881:2010 specifies the set of definitions, conventions and activities of FiSMA 1.1.

The target audience of ISO/IEC 29881:2010 includes anyone who applies FiSMA 1.1 to measure the functional size of a piece of software. FiSMA 1.1 is intended for use by those persons associated with the acquisition, development, use, support, maintenance, and audit of software. FiSMA 1.1 is based on an assessment of the Functional User Requirements. It measures the functional size of a piece of software from the perspective of the users.

Prognoser tidligt i processen (kaldet KISS):

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Capers Jones, fra A new business model for funtion point metrics, version 8.0, by Capers Jones, May 8, 2008

“Function point metrics are the most accurate and effective metrics yet developed for performing software economic studies, quality studies, and value analysis. But normal function point analysis is slow and expensive. Function point analysis performed by a certified function point consultant proceeds at a rate between 400 and 600 function points per day. The cost per function point counted is around $6.00. Further, very small applications below about 15 function points in size cannot be counted. Function point analysis for applications larger than 15,000 function points in size almost never occur because the costs and schedule are larger than most companies will fund.

In 2008 several forms of high-speed, low-cost function point analysis are available or under development. This report discusses the business value of high-speed, low-cost function point analysis. The goal of high-speed, low-cost function point analysis is to expand the usage of function points to 100% of software applications, corporate portfolios, and backlogs. In addition, function point analysis will also allow improved risk and value studies of both new applications and aging legacy applications.”


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