ProMinds’ Knowledge Company

ProMinds solves complex tasks in a complex world. This requires a high degree of competence, professional and industry knowledge, practical experience and personal characteristics which can match the variety of task types. ProMinds considers first and foremost its consultancy as a knowledge company in which the ability to maintain, develop and share knowledge is the essential force.

The activities of the knowledge company is directed in two ways; Knowledge sharing internally with partners, consultants and project managers and externally towards clients, project partners and the network of interested parties.

The knowledge company’s internal activities is ongoing internal development and competency group projects amongst the working consultants in the industries of for instance, Health IT and Airline and within special professional areas such as Operational Improvement and Quality in Software Development.

The external knowledge sharing activities focus on development and dissemination of knowledge of the latest breakthroughs in project management. The activities are organized as lectures, seminars and workshops or offered through training sequences and courses.

The knowledge company is thus, at the same time, ProMinds active development forum and Experience University.